Saturday, December 22, 2012

Red-footed Booby


Animal You | Red-footed Booby | It has red legs and beak and throat pouch are pink and blue. In Gefieder white morph is white (the head often tinged with yellow) and flight feathers are black. The shape is usually brown. White-tailed deer integral form is similar, but has a white belly and tail rump. A black and white head has a brown Warteschlange predominantly white body, head and tail and brown wings and back. The Geschlechtern are similar, and are dark brown Jugendliche with Rosen verblasst wings and legs, while the chicks are covered with white Bettdecke dicht.

This species breeds on islands in most tropical oceans. The nest is usually placed in a tree or bush, rarely, may nest on the ground. Red-footed Booby pairs may remain together for several seasons. They perform rituals Anrede developed, including the cries hostile and show their male blue Schlucht, including both short dances. Red-footed Boobies are spectacular divers, plunging into the sea at high speed to catch its prey.
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