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Red Fox


Animal You | Red Fox | The red fox has a long body and short limbs relative. The queue, over half of the body length is long, fluffy and reaches the ground when stopped. The testes of males are smaller than those of Arctic foxes. Their skulls are fairly narrow and elongated with small brain cases. Sexual dimorphism of the skull is more pronounced than in females fox Corsac with tend to be smaller than average skulls than men, with broad nasal regions and hard palate, and most canines. Foxes are the largest species of the genus Vulpes. However, with regard to dimensions, foxes much lighter than similarly sized dogs genus Canis.

On average, adults measure 35-50 cm (14-20 inches) tall at the withers and 45 to 90 cm (18-35 inches) in body length with a tail measuring 32-53 cm (13-21 ). The ears measured from 7.7 to 12.5 cm (3-5 inches) and the rear legs 12 to 18.5 cm (5-7 inches). They weigh from 2.2 to 14 kg (4.9 to 31 €), with foxes usually weigh at least 15-20% of men. Adults foxes have skulls measuring 129-167 mm, while the measurement foxes 128-159 mm. Printing forefoot is 60 mm long and 45 mm wide, while the rear foot pressure measuring 55 mm long and 38 mm wide.

North American foxes are generally slightly built with comparatively long bodies for their mass and have a high degree of sexual dimorphism. British red foxes are heavily built, but short, while continental European red foxes are closer to the average of the general population of the red fox. The largest red fox on record in the UK was 17.2 kg (38.1 lb), 1.4 m long, the man in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, killed in early 2012 to establish stable foxes or key areas certain areas or homeless outpatient. They use their urine to mark their territories.A male fox raises one hind leg and sprayed urine in front of him, while the fox crouches for urine is sprayed in the ground between the hind legs. Foxes live in family groups that share a common territory. In favorable habitats and / or areas with low hunting pressure, subordinate foxes may be in a range. Foxes subordinates May issue 1-2, sometimes up to eight in a field.

Do not let the foxes play, play, groom, provision and retrieve kits, an example of kin selection. Two months prior to estrus (typically December), the reproductive organs of vixens change shape and size. The heat lasts three weeks vixen, in which the dog-foxes mate with foxes for several days, often in caves. The gestation period lasts 49-58 days. Although foxes are largely monogamous, DNA evidence reported a high population of polygamy, incest and mixed paternity litters. Subordinate foxes may become pregnant, but usually not pug or stillbirth kits for any of the other subordinate or dominant female The average litter size consists of four to six kits, though litters of up 'occurred at 13 kits. Large litters are typical in areas where fox mortality is high. At birth, are short-legged, big head and broad chest.  Eyes open kit 13-15 days, during which time breaking through the ear canals open and their upper teeth, lower teeth emerging 3-4 days later. Kits start their dens and experiment with solid foods to her parents at the age of 3-4 weeks left. At age 3-4 months, the kits with long legs, thin waist and curvy. They reach adult proportions at the age of 6-7 months. Some foxes may reach sexual maturity at the age of 9-10 months, the. Aggressive attitudes, categories / dominant and fearful / submissive divided. Some postures may blend the two foxes curious togethe rotate and move their ears while sniffing. People fun to encourage their ears and rise on their hind legs. Foxes men courting women, or to expel the invaders successfully turn their ears out and lift the tail horizontally, with the increase of up counseling. If fear grimace, the red fox in the submission, arching their backs, curving their bodies, crouching their legs and lashing his tail back and forth with their ears directed backwards and pressed against his skull. Foxes verified dominant animals are addressed in a low position, so that their muzzles reach ad.

When starting an authoritarian attack, red foxes approach directly rather than sideways, with their tails in the air and ears turned sideways. During these battles, the red fox standing in the upper body with his front legs, with mouth open threats. The red fox is an omnivore with a varied diet. Red foxes prefer until the wee hours of the morning before sunrise and hunt at night. Foxes may occasionally commit murder surplus during a breeding season, four foxes registered some 200 black headed gulls have killed each, with peaks during the hours of darkness, when the wind conditions were unfavorable fly.
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