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Animal You | Aardvark | aardvark is vaguely pig-like. Average length of the branches. Each foot is a large nail strong, slightly flattened and shovel-shaped form, and can be seen between foot and shoe. Dependence of long ears and tail are thick at the base and gradually sharpened. the smell is a good reason to support the aardvark is a long, thin, like a snake, protruding tongue and elaborate structures form. The weight of an aardvark is typically 40 to 65 kg (88 and 140 pounds). Aardvark color coat and sometimes pale yellow-brown to red-brown earth. aardvark animal is thin and the protection of their tough skin. aardvark found in the bedroom of a recently excavated ant. and protection against predators Aardvark adult dental formula is simply to cut the jaw ago Living fossils genetically aardvark chromosomes that are preserved in early eutherian arrangement before the divergence of the major categories that reflect the modern spoken

aardvark and ants and termites night (formicivore) aardvarks aardvark cucumber fruits that can be provided almost exclusively on a single creature. Concentration of ants or termites aardvark digs into the store with his madness kept upright to listen for predators, recognized by its front legs, and many of the 50,000 that night, his long sticky tongue is made by a number amazing insects. If successful, the aardvark long (about 30 centimeters (12 inches)) insects insects "ants biting or stinging attack tongue licking hard in vain to conceal. Predators severe hearing, lions, leopards, hyenas and pythons warns. In addition to digging ants and termites, the aardvark live in the excavation, as temporary places of refuge ageyuttade scattered throughout the range, the house and a main building used for breeding. aardvark burrow design changes regularly at home, and what passes through, and a new, small animals that lived in the former, as ageyuttade African wild dog. Only mothers and young share burrows.

Aardvarks live up to 24 years in prison. The main predators of aardvark, lions, leopards, wild dogs and pythons. In some African tribes hunting for meat, aardvark. Aardvark African folk like ants food and a soldier are the most diligent search has been praised for its response to Fear. Hausa magicians heart, skin, face and nails of the aardvark, they will continue to be a tree root throws Pound eruption. The head of an aardvark or part of the aardvarkVillain (Grin Cyril) and leader of the animated television series 1980 (Cedric smile) Raccoons were aardvarks. The main character, Arthur, is an animated television series for children appears WGBH produced more than 180 countries, with an aardvark.The Ant and the Aardvark 1969-1971 comic Jackie Mason is a simulation of the main characters, blue aardvark as expressed by John Byner, as is. Aardvark Cerebus comic (written and illustrated by Dave Sim) is an aardvark with his characters (a "pig born of the earth") form. 

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