Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fur Seal


Animal You | Fur Seal | Until recently, sea lions were grouped under a subfamily called pinnipeds Arctocephalinae, to contrast with Sea Lion Wolves on the basis of the key attribute, namely the coat of dense fur mixed with hairs. Recent genetic data, however, suggests that Callorhinus is more closely related to some species of sea lions and fur seals / sealion subfamily distinction has disappeared from many taxonomies. However, all fur seals have certain features in common: the skin, smaller sizes generally move more and more power, smaller and more abundant prey and sexual dimorphism. Fur seals share with other seals may repent of their hind legs and go on all fours. Sea lions are generally smaller than sea lions less than 1 meter (3 feet 3 inches), the Galápagos_fur_seal is the smallest of all pinnipeds. All species are polygamous, ie dominant males mate with more than one wife. While men fur seals North and aggressively defend women choose specific in their harems, the males of the species of sea lions in the south tend to spatial areas to protect, and women are free to choose your partner based on their own preferences or the social hierarchy.

The rest of the year, a largely pelagic sea life sea lions for their prey, which is abundant and plentiful hunting. Fur seals feed on medium sized fish, squid and krill. Different types of sea lions also South seabirds, penguins, especially in the context of their seals diets.The themselves the prey of sharks, killer whales and sea lions sometimes more. Many species of fur seals were heavily exploited by commercial hunters, especially during the 19th century, when his skin was much appreciated. Many populations of Guadalupe, including fur seals, fur seals and fur seals at Cape have suffered dramatic declines and are still recovering.  

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