Saturday, February 2, 2013



Animal You | Sifaka | Sifaka are a genus (Propithecus) of lemur family within the order Primates Indriidae. All species are endangered sifaka, ranging from vulnerable to extinction Sifaka Indrids are medium sized, with a head and body length of 40-55 cm (16-22 inches) and weighs 3-6 pounds (6.6 to 13 pounds). Sifaka vertically move by clinging and leaping, meaning they maintain a straight jump from tree to tree trunk and moving along branches. They are adept climbers and jumpers powerful, able to jump up to 10 m from tree to tree. Moving earth if all bipeds indrids jump with lateral movements of the hind legs, keeping the legs for balance. Sifaka are diurnal and arboreal

Sifaka are herbivores, eating leaves, flowers and fruits. Sifaka live in larger groups than other indrids (to 13). They have a firm territory, marking with scent glands. Edges of different sifaka territories can overlap. While defending their territory against invasion by others of their kind, they can peacefully co-exist with other lemur species such as Red-bellied Lemur Lemur common and brown. Successful invasions are known to the death of the male members, group purchasing and infanticide cause. 

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