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Gray Whale


Animal You | Gray Whale | The gray whale is traditionally defined as the only living beings in its genus and family. Recent DNA analysis shows some family Balaenopteridae Razorbacks as the humpback whale, Megaptera novaeangliae, and fin whales, Balaenoptera physalus stronger in gray whales whales as some others, such as minke whales are related. The common name of the whale comes from the color. The now extinct subfossil gray whales along the Atlantic coast of England and Sweden remains gray is used for the first scientific description of a kind only in Pacific waters to survive. Many other names are assigned to the gray whale, including desert whale, monkfish, gray back, mussel digger and pull the thread. The gray whale is a slate gray and dark was covered with gray-white patterns, scars caused by parasites that are cold in their diet. Individual whales are usually identified with photos of their dorsal surface and connected to scars and blemishes match parasites from cases of the whale, or even apply.

Measure the gray whale, 16 feet (4.9 m) in length for newborns 43-50 feet (women tend to be slightly larger than males) (13-15 m) for adults. Newborns are dark gray to black. An adult gray whale can be up to 40 tonnes (39 tons long, 44 short tons)., With a typical range of 15-33 tons (15-32 tonnes in length, 17 to 36 short tons) The gray whale also lacks a dorsal fin, instead of tilting 6-12 dorsal ("Together") which projections on the middle line of the back, the worms. Both male and female whales puberty around the age of eight. Women show strong play synchronized estrus in late November and early December. This unique event ovulation is of the opinion that the annual migration of the species agree that births in warmer waters. Men also show seasonal changes, that an increase in testicular mass suffering heat eventually women correlates. The gestation period of gray whales is 13.5 months. The calf is born tail first and measures about 4 meters (13 feet) long. The waters of the shallow lagoon where gray whales breed is believed to be the newborn sharks and orcas to protect.

Usually, animals in northern waters during the summer driving and opportunistic feeding during migration, depending primarily on its extensive fat reserves. Gray whale calf drinking 50-80 liters (190 to 300 liters) of milk from their mothers 53% fat per day. The main food habitat of the western Pacific subpopulation is. Some gray whales were also seen in western Kamchatka, but so far all whales photographed, known Piltun area. Every year in October, as the northern ice pushed south and small groups of gray whales in the eastern Pacific that begin with a two or three months, 8000-11000 km south-career (5000-6800 miles). Western gray whales summer in the Sea of Okhotsk, in particular, on the northeastern coast of Sakhalin Island (Russia). Day and night, the average gray whale about 120 kilometers (75 miles) per day, with an average speed of 8 kilometers per hour (5 mph). The whale watching industry provides ecotourists and marine mammal enthusiasts the ability to create groups of gray whales that migrate see.

In late December and early January in the eastern gray start to the lagoons of Baja delivery to reach. The three most popular lakes Scammon Lagoon (formerly known in English as Scammon Lagoon after whaleman Charles Melville Scammon those holes discovered in the 1850s and drove the gray shades), San Ignacio and Magdalena.  These whales are the first women, mostly pregnant women who want to protect the lagoons to bear their calves, along with single women looking for couples. Mid-February to mid-March, the majority of the population lived in ponds, gray whales with lactation, parturition and mating. In February and March, the first from the lagoons are men and women without children. A population of about 200 gray whales stay along the eastern Pacific coast from Canada to California in the summer, not to trip over the waters of Alaska to make. This summer resident group is known as the Pacific Coast Food Group. Gray whales were safe from commercial whaling by the International Whaling Commission (IWC), published since 1949, and is no longer widely hunting.

Limited hunting of gray whales since, but especially in the Chukotka region in northeastern Russia, where a large number of gray whales spend the summer months. This yacht was under a 'traditional subsistence whaling / "may be exempted from the ban on commercial whaling. Currently, the annual quota for whaling in the gray area of 140 per year. Killed except a gray whale in 1999, the Makah people hunting prevented by a series of legal challenges. Since 2008, the IUCN is the gray whale as "least concern" from the viewpoint of protection. The CBI Bowheads subcommittee, Right and Gray in 2011 to preserve endangered western gray whale is large due to the small size of the population and the potential impact of human activities. In breeding grounds in Baja California, Mexican law protects whales in the lagoons, and thus makes it possible whale watching. Gray whales belong to the Canadian Species at Risk Act, the Canadian government consider preparing management plans for whales and necessary for the development interests of protected whales.

Migrating gray whales off the Pacific coast was observed for the first time since Marineland of the Pacific in Palos Verdes, California. The gray whale census has recorded an immigration official gray whale census data on population migration of Pacific gray whale is keeping the Pacific gray whale in 1985. This census is the largest census operation Pacific gray whales.
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