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Animal You | Baboon | Great men are often faced by flickering eyelids, showing their teeth by yawning, gestures, and chasing the intruder / predator. Baboons orthographic acquire part of reading. Most baboons live in hierarchical troops. The structure within the troop varies considerably baboons and other species sometimes collectively referred to as savanna baboons. Other species of another structure based baboons with a strict hierarchy promiscuous dominance in the matriline. The sacred baboon group usually include a younger man, but do not try to mate with the females, when the older man withdrew. Baboons exchange vocal dominance determine relationships between individuals. In a clash between different families or where a subordinate baboon produces offensive, baboons show more interest in this exchange between members of the same family or when a baboon parents.

The collective noun for baboons is often "force". In the harems of the hamadryas baboons, the males jealously their wives, at the point of attack and bite females when they wander too far. However, some men harem to be attacked by women. Such situations often cause men aggressive battles. Visual threats are usually accompanied by these aggressive fights. Some men are successful under a woman from another harem, called "takeover". In many species, infant baboons are taken by men as hostages during fights. Baboon mating behavior is highly dependent on the social structure of the troop. In mixed groups of savanna baboons, each man with a woman companion. To collect this friendship can help help care for their young female preserve or by feed. Chances are that your children are young. Some women clearly prefer such nice people as friends.

A female initiates mating. His face swollen male ass Women often give birth. Generally, a child, after six months pregnant with the young baboon weighs about 400 grams and has a black epidermis when born. Baboons males leave their birth group, usually before they reach sexual maturity, while females are patrician edge and remain in the same group throughout their lives. It became known as the companion of Thoth, including sacred baboon. 

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