Monday, January 21, 2013

Proboscis Monkeys


Animal You | Proboscis Monkeys | The proboscis monkey is a large species, one of the largest species of monkeys of Asia. Sex differences in the types defined. Women 53.3 to 62 cm (21.0 to 24) in the head height and the weight of 7 to 12 kg (15 to 26 pounds) with a known maximum weight of 15 kg (33 lb). The proboscis monkey has a coat almost time. The inner layer is light gray to orange, yellow or gray. The face is orange-pink. The male has a red penis with a black scrotum. Many webbed toes monkeys. Proboscis monkeys usually live in groups consisting of one adult male, several adult females and their offspring. All-male groups may also occur. Some people are lonely, mostly men. Groups of monkeys live in overlapping territories with little territoriality, in a divided society merger, with groups meeting places to sleep when night falls.

One-male groups consist of 9-19 people, while bands can have up to 60 people. A male groups usually consist of three to 12 people, but can be longer. Severe aggression is rare in monkeys, but less aggression does not occur frequently. A linear dominance hierarchy exists among women. Men by a group of men can remain in their groups of 6-8 years. Upon reaching adulthood, males leave their natal groups and join all male groups. Women sometimes leave their natal groups, perhaps to avoid infanticide or inbreeding, reduce competition for food or increase their social status to be sexually mature females age five.

The male grabs the female by the ankles or trunk and ride behind. If you apply for both men and women are frowned faces. In addition, males and females sing sometimes present their buttocks mating pairs sometimes harassed by subadults. Proboscis monkeys can also participate in the meeting without reproductive purposes, such as recreational and assembly of the same sex. The nose of a young man who grows gradually until reaching adulthood. The mother will allow members of their group, to support her son. If a resident replaced man in a group of one man, the children run the risk of infanticide. Proboscis monkeys is that the familiar sounds different. When communicating the status of the group of male issue honking. Men are also warning alarm bells.

This species is restricted lowland habitats experiencing tides. Favors dipterocarp, mangrove and swamp forests. You may also swamp forests, swamp forests, stunted trees, rubber, rubber plantations, forests, limestone mountain, Nypa swamps, bogs and marshes Nibong high forests, tropical forests and cliffs are heather.  

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