Monday, January 7, 2013

Greater Flamingo


Animal You | Greater Flamingo | It is the largest species of flamingo, averaging 110-150 cm (43-60 inches) and weighs 4.2 kg (4.4 to 8.8 kg). The largest male flamingoes have been recorded up to 187 cm (74 inches) long and 4.5 kg (10 lb). Like all flamingos, this species lays an egg white chalk on a pile of mud. The bird live in flats and shallow lagoons with salt water. Thanks to his feet, the bird raises the mud, then sucks water through its bill and eliminates small shrimp, seeds, blue-green algae, microscopic organisms and mollusks. The first zoo hatch was recorded in 1959 at the Basel Zoo. Basel Zoo in the breeding program over 400 birds born with an average of 20 to 27 per year since 2000.

With extraordinary success breeding Basel Zoo and the lack of space, most of the boy in zoos around the world. Given the history and the large number of birds born in Basel in 1959, we can conclude that most of the colonies of Great Flamingo zoo in the world are related to Basel. 

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