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Animal You | Chimpanzee | Anatomical differences between the Common Chimpanzee and Bonobo are slight differences, but significant in sexual behavior and social development. The Common Chimpanzee has an omnivorous diet, a troop hunting culture based on beta males led by an alpha male, and highly complex social relationships. Different groups of chimpanzees also have different cultural behavior with preferences for types of tools. The common chimpanzee has showed a tendency to increased aggressiveness with respect to the bonobos. The average waiting time of a chimpanzee in captivity 9.7 hours per day. Chimpanzees live in large groups of multi-multi-male and female social communities offer.

Chimpanzees live in a leaner hierarchy in which more than one person may be dominant enough to dominate other members of lower rank. Usually a dominant male called the alpha male. The alpha male is the highest-ranking male, in which the Group operates and maintains it for any disputes. In chimpanzee society the 'dominant male' is not always the greatest man and stronger, but more men are manipulative and politically. With advantages and disadvantages of influence within a group Chimpanzee males usually achieve dominance through cultivating allies who support the person in case of future ambitions for power. Low ranking chimpanzees observed gestures of submission in the body language or reaching their hands while grunting. Female chimpanzees shows respect for the alpha male by their hind legs. Chimpanzee, a hierarchy, which is affected by the position of a female individual in a group. In some communities, the chimpanzees, young girls can inherit high status from a high mother. The females also form allies to dominate lower-ranking women. Unlike men, a main purpose of acquiring dominant character for access to mating privileges and sometimes violent domination subordinates, women have been dominant for access to resources such as food. In general, both genders acquire dominant status to improve social standing within a group. Often women who choose the alpha male. For a male chimpanzee to win the alpha state win, must. New research shows old chimpanzee stone tool use dates to at least 4300 years. Chimpanzee tool use includes excavated hill with a large stick tool, and then with a stick, "fish" which was changed from the termites. Chimpanzees kill turtles pushing a stick into her rectum, but not eating.

Before the discovery of tool use in chimpanzees, humans were the only species likely to produce and to use his tools, but several other tool types are now known. The construction of the nest, sometimes regarded as the use of tools, is seen in chimpanzees built nests together night tree by threading one or more branches of the trees. Both day and night nests are built, they can be shown in a group of recent studies chimpanzees operate seemingly altruistic behavior in groups be. Some researchers have said that chimpanzees are indifferent to the welfare were unrelated group members, but a recent study of wild chimpanzees to adopt that both the adult male and female orphaned young people in their group. Several groups sometimes share food, coalitions and cooperate in hunting and border controls. Sometimes young chimpanzees were adopted by independent groups. And in some rare cases even male chimps have shown that chimpanzees grant child starting an independent group, but in most cases the child would kill.

Research into the chimpanzee brain has revealed that chimp communication activates an area of the brain chimpanzees in the same position as Broca's area, a language center in the human brain, can the common chimpanzee adults, especially men, be very aggressive. Consequently, acts of entertainment with chimpanzees dressed as humans and brackets of traditional circus shows. In the age of television, a new genre of chimp act in the United States: series whose cast made up entirely of chimpanzees dressed as humans and "speaking" with the guidelines set by human actors. When chimpanzees appear in other TV programs usually do, as comic sidekicks to humans.  

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