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Golden Eagle


Animal You | Golden Eagle | The golden eagle is a large, broad wings brown rapist. Younger (subspecies A. c. Japanese alliance), sex, weight 2.5 kg (5.5 LB) and 3.25 kg (7.2 LB). In general, the species the males are on average about 3.6 kg (7.9 LB) and females average about 5.1 kg (11 lbs). Maximum size of this species is a matter of some debate, although it is normal for a maximum weight of the female about 6.8 kg (15 lbs) and large breeds are the most representative of the Eagle. Captive birds were measured with a wingspan of 2.81 m (9.2 ft) and a weight of 12.1 kg (27 lb) (the latter number for eagle falconry). Standard dimensions of the species on the wing chord length of two 50-72 cm (20-28 inches), a tail length of 26.5 to 38 cm (10.4 to 15 inches) and a length of 9.4 CLARION - 12.2 cm (3.7 to 4.8 in). Most adults with brown thin tip of the back and tail of a dog, golden wings. Tarsal feathers range from white to dark brown.

Young dark, unfaded color, white patches in the remiges which may be divided by darker feathers, and a large amount of white in the tail with a black terminal band. Occasionally upper wing feathers of the children are also white birds or missing entirely white on the wings. Size also easily this type differs from most birds seen. The eagle and eagle, the golden rule for a long time, compared, and it is considerably less than at the tip of the tail. With the great, I love the shape of the wings, which are more or less SHELF-hawk With most of their juvenile stage eagle osprey striped strong, gold is stronger than a golden brown. It is distinct from other Eagle Aquila in Eurasia greater problem recognition.

This identification of wisdom relatively long tail of a dog, a white or golden examples of the wings and tail. Not far from the head and neck scarf are from other lighter Gold Eagle. Eagles eagles most are dark, looking in plumage, but slightly less than the tawny eagle (A. rapax) is lighter than the golden eagle. Imperial East (A. heliaca) and Spanish Imperial Eagle (A. Adalbert) are very similar in size between the Eurasian eagle, golden eagle, but are by their long necks, flat wings in flight, white wing shoulder on the cover and in general distinguished with a darker color. Under the genus Aquila, only long wings and tail of the Wedge-tailed Eagle are (A. fat) than the golden eagle, the average width and length.

The largest number of eagles were found that day in the mountains, hunting and builds its nest on their part, along with many others, as the eagle of the rock formations. Golden eagles usually nest in abandoned areas where human disturbance is minimal and often densely populated areas to avoid during the whole year. Some populations of golden eagles and other migratory sedentary. Eagles Nest tend in colder climates, such as Alaska, Scandinavia and Russia to points further south by the decline in available food sources in the north migrate. Determining the constitution of a mixture of things, flight, growing up by the nature of species and. Golden Eagles usually mate for life.

In the western United States, eagle nest can vary 22-33 square miles, and those north more nest maintained end 39 square miles. Old nests can be 2 meters (3.3 feet) in height, as the eagles repair their nests when necessary and larger every time. Mammals, birds, small animals, often the cause of a huge nest like a shadow, how to be a thief. Their enemies are just the right size for Golden Eagle prey, and therefore avoid active nests. The eggs are white to all white with cinnamon or brown spots. Vary independence from parents may arrive 32-80 days after the young adults. In most cases only the older chick survives, junior dies without leaving the nest. Golden Eagles much time and effort in raising their young to hunt on their own, most Golden Eagles survive many years, but mortality even among first born chick is much higher, especially in the first few weeks after hatching. Of eagles cruelty "golden eagle predation rarely too young eggs. The only known predators golden eagle nests are brown bears and wolverines. Large part of the year, even though they die will live, pubic golden eagle which remains.
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